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San Antonio Accident Attorneys

San Antonio Aviation Accident Attorney - Aviation disasters can raise complex issues involving multiple parties and complex questions regarding what happened and who is legally responsible. Aviation experts such as engineers and pilots working on your behalf can be crucial for your case.

San Antonio Bicycle Accident Attorney - Many bikers suffer extremely serious injuries and accidents as the result of driver negligence. Unfortunately, bikers do not always get treated fairly in courtroom cases because of public misconceptions.

San Antonio Boating Accident Attorney - The region's lakes are sources of recreation. For some, recreation can lead to drinking and acting carelessly. This can cause serious injury. Every year, many boating accidents are caused on these lakes due to alcohol intoxication or negligence.

San Antonio Bus Accident Attorney - Thousands of people are injured every year in bus accidents. Bus accidents can be caused by numerous factors including driver negligence, improper maintenance and defective products.

San Antonio Car Accident Attorney - Serious car accidents can be traumatic and life altering.  Because of the serious consequences of car accidents, a law firm experienced in these matters is crucial in order to preserve your rights. Chapa Law Group PC has a proven track record of success in handling car accident cases and fighting for what injured victims deserve.

San Antonio Construction Accident Attorney - Construction work is physically demanding and construction sites are dangerous.  Statistics indicate that tens of thousands of construction workers are injured on the job each year. 

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney - Motorcyclists who suffer serious injuries face the additional difficulty of trying to prove their case in Court. They are often treated unfairly after an accident if a jury believes that the activity is inherently dangerous or that the driver was reckless.

San Antonio Oil Field Accident Attorney - Chapa Law Group PC handles serious injury and wrongful death claims resulting from oil field accidents. The following situations provide examples of when oilfield accidents may occur:

San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Attorney - Of the numerous auto accidents that occur every day, some of the most serious injuries occur when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle. A pedestrian is particularly vulnerable to serious injury when struck by a vehicle and in the most severe accidents, a pedestrian can suffer wrongful death when struck by a vehicle.

San Antonio Refinery Accident Attorney - Oil refinery and petrochemical plants are very dangerous places to work. Refinery accidents are often fatal due to fires and explosions. Refinery accidents also may lead to severe burn injuries.

San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney - There are more than 3,000 deaths and more than 30,000 injuries resulting from accidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles every year. It takes experience and resources to maximize recovery for your clients from a major trucking corporation. Most trucking accidents are caused by factors such as:

San Antonio Workplace Accident Attorney - Chapa Law Group PC has litigated a wide variety of cases involving workers injured as a result of workplace negligence.  Whatever the cause of a workplace accident, we have the ability to fully investigate the circumstances and obtain an appropriate recovery for our clients.