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San Antonio Aviation Accident Attorney - Aviation disasters can raise complex issues involving multiple parties and complex questions regarding what happened and who is legally responsible. Aviation experts such as engineers and pilots working on your behalf can be crucial for your case.

In investigating the accident and identifying responsible parties, Chapa Law Group PC in conjunction with aviation experts focus on the following issues: The history of the accident flight and the crew members duties for as many days prior to the crash as possible.

This usually involves having a Court require an aircraft carrier to provide all crew member logs and other documents which shed light on the crew's work schedule in the days leading up to the crash. We also study all the factors that might be involved in human error which includes fatigue, medication and alcohol.

A crew member's training, medical/drug history and work environment are all scrutinized. We also take steps to investigate, photograph and document the accident scene and wreckage. The aircraft's engine and component parts are examined including electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, instruments and the flight control system. An analysis of the air traffic services given to the aircraft is performed. Finally, we gather all pertinent weather data from the National Weather Service and local stations. The above is simply meant to illustrate some of the steps that may be taken in the investigation of an aircraft accident. Each investigation is conducted depending on the circumstances.

The two major federal agencies involved in all airline disasters are the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The National Transportation Safety Board was established to conduct independent investigations of all civil aviation accidents in the United States and major accidents in other modes of transportation. At the core of NTSB investigations is the "GO Team." The accident investigation is begun as quickly as possible with the technical expertise that is needed to solve complex transportation safety problems. Ultimately safety recommendations are the most important part of the Safety Board's mandate. The Board often addresses safety deficiencies immediately.

The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for the safety of civil aviation. Some of the FAA's major roles include regulating civil aviation to promote safety and developing and operating a system of air traffic control. For accidents involving international flights, the Montreal Convention may apply and may restrict where the airline can be sued and the damages recoverable. However, if the passenger was a United States citizen traveling on an international flight, a lawsuit may be permissible in the United States.

When you hire Chapa Law Group PC after an aviation crash, we will work to determine your legal rights.  Throughout his career, Miguel Chapa has represented various clients effected by aviation crashes.  Call us today so that we can work toward the compensation you and your family deserve.

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