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San Antonio Bus Accident Attorney - Thousands of people are injured every year in bus accidents. Bus accidents can be caused by numerous factors including driver negligence, improper maintenance and defective products.

According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) study conducted for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each year there are approximately 300 buses involved in fatal bus crashes. Because buses are typically filled with passengers, the total number of people killed each year in bus accidents far exceeds that number. The Federal government defines a bus as a passenger carrying vehicle designed to seat at least sixteen persons. The Federal Department of Transportation's Motor Carrier Safety Administration develops policies, rules and regulations to ensure the safety of bus passengers.

There are rules governing the hours a bus driver must log before carrying passengers.  It is also required that a driver exhibit certain qualifications to become a bus driver and properly inspect their bus.  The bus company must carefully document preventative maintenance measures undertaken for its bus. Due to the size, weight, and number of passengers involved, bus accidents can often be more devastating than regular motor vehicle accidents. Many buses do not have seatbelts and therefore passengers are often seriously injured or killed. Many fatal bus accidents also involve children struck or run over by a school bus, or involve bus rollovers or intersection collisions. Bus accidents often result in head injuries, neck injuries, fractures and injuries requiring surgery.

The bus accident attorneys at Chapa Law Group PC will work to protect your rights if injured in a bus accident. We handle catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims for individuals and families of those injured or killed in bus accidents nationwide.  Throughout his legal career, Miguel Chapa has litigated bus cases for family members of those killed or seriously injured because of a bus accident.
It is critical to contact a bus accident attorney as soon as possible after a bus accident. We routinely hire independent experts to evaluate all of the critical evidence.  This must be done soon after an accident before the scene changes substantially or the bus company destroys crucial evidence.  We also recommend immediate action to preserve and download all available evidence from the bus' onboard black box.  Once you hire our law firm, we will work hard to help you recovery all the monetary compensation that the law allows for your losses. Call for a FREE consultation.

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