Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney - Motorcyclists who suffer serious injuries face the additional difficulty of trying to prove their case in Court. They are often treated unfairly after an accident if a jury believes that the activity is inherently dangerous or that the driver was reckless.

At Chapa Law Group PC, we are committed to protecting the rights of motorcyclists. We will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Motorcyclists are generally safe drivers because they know the dangers of a motorcycle accident, however no amount of safe driving can guarantee accident prevention.  Jurors attitudes toward motorcyclists should be fully explored at trial and you should therefore seek an attorney experienced with such cases.

Your first concern in a motorcycle accident should be your physical health.  Therefore, it is important for you to see a doctor for your injuries and follow all recommendations.

Our personal injury law firm will investigate, talk to witnesses, review police reports, and gather evidence.  If you were hit by a car or truck, our investigator will look into all the circumstances of the accident, examine the scene, interview witnesses, review police reports, take photographs and gather physical evidence.

To prove fault in a motorcycle accident, it is necessary for us to begin an immediate investigation. It may be the case that we hire an independent expert to review the crash site and reconstruct the accident.  Our investigator and independent experts will collect and preserve evidence for your case and identify every party responsible.

Due to the vulnerability of any biker, motorcycle accident injuries are usually severe. We are experienced in cases involving brain injuries, head injuries, fractures, paralysis, burns, scarring, or wrongful death.  Our experience involves taking depositions of all the necessary medical personnel that treated you for your injuries.  Your case may also require us to retain independent medical experts to evaluate and testify regarding the nature, duration and circumstances related to your injuries.  We have the financial resources to hire such experts as well as the technical experience to put such a case together. Call for a free legal consultation, if you were severely injured in a motorcycle accident.

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