Workplace Accidents

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Workplace Accident Attorney

San Antonio Workplace Accident Attorney - Chapa Law Group PC has litigated a wide variety of cases involving workers injured as a result of workplace negligence.  Whatever the cause of a workplace accident, we have the ability to fully investigate the circumstances and obtain an appropriate recovery for our clients. 

Some relevant examples of work place accidents involve the following:


There has been a rash of high profile crane accidents in recent years. Crane manufacturers must be held responsible for their design defects and failure to warn their operators of the inherent dangers of crane use.


The presence of high-voltage wires increases the danger level dramatically. Too often work site managers and utilities fail to increase their safety level accordingly.  All workers must be trained of the dangers inherent when working around high voltage. 

Dangerous Work Sites

Employers and contractors have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for both workers and the general public. Chapa Law Group PC has litigated cases involving unsafe scaffolding, electrocution, work site collapse, forklift accidents and other workplace dangers. Call us today for a free legal consultation.

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