Burn Injuries

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San Antonio Burn Injury Attorney - Victims of fires and explosions suffer some of the most devastating injuries imaginable.  The pain, suffering, emotional and physical scars are among the worst injuries a person can suffer.  In a wrongful death burn case, the pain and suffering a decedent suffers prior to their death is horrific. 

Burn survivors usually have expensive medical bills for past treatment and will often require treatment in the future.  The cost of such injuries can create immense stress as well as emotional and financial hardship.

Fire and explosion cases require a tremendous amount of technical experience and almost always require that a fire cause and origin expert be retained immediately to view the fire scene.  There can be many ignition sources for a fire and it is therefore important for a forensic investigation to pinpoint the cause and origin of a fire or explosion. It is important for fire experts to immediately process the scene in order to preserve critical evidence.  Evidence must be documented, gathered and analyzed in order to preserve your legal rights so that you may be able to prove your case in Court.  We have the experience and resources to begin an investigation into the cause of your burn injury.

Chapa Law Group PC is experienced in handling fire and explosion cases.  We are familiar with the many issues that burn survivors and their families must endure.


General Information for Burn Survivors

Burn injuries cause 300,000 deaths worldwide every year and affect the lives of millions who become disabled. Burns are the third leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

About 4000 Americans die of burn injuries every year. Children are particularly prone to these injuries and about half of burn patients are below 18. Elderly people are often at extra risk because they have other health problems that make living with burn injuries all the more difficult.

The severity of a burn depends on how hot the skin gets and how long the burn lasts. The location is also important, because skin varies in thickness, water and oil content, the amount of subcutaneous fat, and the number of blood vessels from one location in the body to another. The diagnosis of a burn injury is based on how deep the injury suffered.

Long term care for burn injuries present additional challenges. Especially for those people without medical insurance.  There are now more than 100 specialized burn treatment centers in the United States.  Choices about long term burn care depend on the severity of the burn injury as well as whether the patient suffered lung injury from inhaling smoke or chemicals and whether there were pre-existing medical problems.  One form of treatment for burn injuries are skin grafts.  Skin grafts involve transplantation of skin from one area of the body to another. Some burns can be treated on an outpatient basis, while others require hospitalization. Call Chapa Law Group PC today for a free legal consultation and to discuss your case. 

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