Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

San Antonio Nursing Home Abuse Attorney - When you place a loved one in the care of a nursing home, you expect that their needs will be met and that they will, in fact, be cared for. Unfortunately, negligence and outright abuse in this area are all too common.

In spite of the many state and federal regulations which have been established to protect the elderly in these settings, gross violations continue to occur every single day, tragically compromising the health, well-being and dignity of some of our society's most vulnerable members.

Common warning signs that a nursing home resident may be suffering abuse or negligence include:

  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Falls
  • Unexplained Bruises or Other Injuries
  • Sudden Agitation or Emotional Withdrawl
  • Bed Sore Development
  • The Substitution of Heavy Medication or Sedatives for Supervision
  • The Inability of a Caretaker to Sufficiently Explain the Patient's Condition

If you believe that a loved one may be the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, you should take action quickly and immediately contact Chapa Law Group PC for a legal free consultation. 

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