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San Antonio Premises Liability Attorney - A slip and fall accident may happen at a local store, restaurant or generally speaking, on the property of another. If a property owner fails to maintain his/her property in a safe condition and as a result, a person experiences a slip and fall and suffers resulting injuries, then the injured party should consider that the property owner can be held responsible for his/her resulting injuries and harm suffered.

An individual, property owner and/or company/entity should ensure your safety while you are on their premises or property.  Individual rights should be protected in the event a person is critically injured while on the premises owned by another. The law requires and mandates that a property owner must maintain a certain level of safety for invited guests.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over one million Americans annually have suffered some kind of a slip, fall, or trip injury and more alarmingly, close to 17,000 of those injured people died because of a medical condition directly related to those injuries. When a person suffers a slip and fall, he/she can develop a number of injuries that can either be temporary or permanent or at times after the slip and fall, he/she may sustain harmful injuries that may result in death.

There are countless numbers of injuries that a person may suffer after he/she experiences a slip and fall. Some examples of these injuries include, but are not limited to:  a sprained or broken ankle, a sprained or broken arm, a sprained or broken collar bone, a sprained, dislocated or broken hip, a sprained or broken wrist, a sprained or broken leg, a sprained or broken pelvic bone, a sprained or broken jaw, a sprained or broken knee, herniated discs, bruising throughout the body, various  body scrapes, a bruised tailbone, spine injuries or spinal cord injuries, closed-head injuries and/or head injuries in general if the injured party hits his/her head during the slip and fall. The list of potential injuries is an endless one and the injuries potentially sustained during a slip and fall accident may be minor or severe. No matter the level of severity of a suffered injury or harm, an injured party deserves compensation when a property owner fails to maintain a certain level of care and safety mandated by our laws.

All injuries suffered from a slip and fall accident, whether minor, serious or severe, should be treated immediately. If you, a family member or a loved one have been critically injured after experiencing a slip and fall accident while on the premises/property owned by another, you should contact Chapa Law Group PC to find out how we can help you.

Inadequate Security

Inadequate security is the other primary area of premises liability law. Inadequate security cases usually involve those situations where an invited guest/person falls victim to a crime while on the premises or property of a business. These premise liability law cases based on inadequate security claims arise because a property or business owner fails to provide adequate security and/or may not adequately protect its patrons, the invited guest.

Chapa Law Group PC stands ready to complete a thorough investigation in the event you, a family member or a loved one have suffered injuries or harm due to inadequate security while on the premises of a property owner or business. The investigative nature of an inadequate security case involves gathering information and evidence that represents the property owner’s potential prior knowledge of the inadequate security, the property owner’s steps to provide adequate security or that which represents the lack of providing adequate security, the property owner’s prior knowledge of the potential crime level, crime statistics of the area, crime reports, police reports, police interviews, photographs, surveillance videotapes, and witness accounts.  The mentioned evidence is crucial and necessary to successfully prosecute these claims of inadequate security. It is imperative that such an investigation be carried out immediately before witness accounts change or differ and prior to the property owner potentially destroying critical evidence.

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