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San Antonio Automotive Defect Attorney - Automotive product liability cases are complex and specific defects often go undiscovered. There are millions of defective vehicles on the roadways. A severe wreck may have been survivable but for an automotive defect.

In a catastrophic automobile wreck involving death, brain injury or paralysis we examine the wrecked automobile to determine whether a products liability case is available. Therefore, it is extremely important that all the evidence be preserved immediately in order to pursue a product liability case in court. We will work to immediately preserve not only the automobile itself, but also any evidence that may be gathered at the accident scene.

Some of the different types of automotive defects we investigate are the following:

Stability Case

Certain sport utility vehicles which were designed tall and with a narrow track width are prone to rollover. After examining the vehicle itself, we will investigate all of the factors which may have led to the rollover. A factor we consider in a stability case is whether the vehicle rolled over on the roadway or off the roadway.  We will also examine the roadway surface to determine whether something in the roadway may have caused the vehicle to rollover.

Roof Crush Case

Severe and often catastrophic injuries may occur if the occupant survival space is not maintained during a rollover. If the headers, support pillars or side rails fail in a rollover, the roof will crush and invade the occupant survival space. This will often lead to severe injuries or death.

Fuel System Defect Case

Some automobile manufacturers poorly design the positioning of the gas tank. A gas tank should be placed between the front and rear axle to provide the maximum amount of protection. Gas tanks placed behind the rear axle make them susceptible to rear impacts. These defects can lead to catastrophic injuries.  Other types of fuel system defects involve defects in fuel lines or fuel pumps which may fail and lead to the spilling of fuel and ultimately fires. If the crash was survivable and the vehicle’s occupant died or was severely injured due to a post crash fire, then a product liability case should be pursued.

Air Bag Defect Case

There are various air bag defects that could lead to injury. An airbag may fail to deploy which may be the most obvious of the air bag defects. If the failure of the air bag to deploy would have lessened or prevented the injuries, then a product liability case should be pursued. Another air bag defect is an overly aggressive airbag. In these situations airbags deploy at extreme speeds leading to significant injuries. Other airbag problems involve an airbag deploying late which may not protect against contact with a steering wheel or interior of the vehicle. Children are very susceptible to being injured by airbags and whenever possible should avoid the front seat.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in an automotive crash, we will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine whether you are able to pursue an automotive products liability case. Chapa Law Group PC will provide a free legal consultation in order to determine whether a products liability case is available to you.

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