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Pharmaceutical Defect Attorney

San Antonio Pharmaceutical Defect Attorney - Many drugs/medications have been recalled whether it is prescription or over the counter, that has been withdrawn from the market, either by the particular drugs manufacturer or the FDA, also known as the Food and Drug Administration.

The Food and Drug administration is responsible for making sure that foods, drugs and medical devices are safe for consumers. When it has been determined that a drug/medication has such adverse side effects that injury or death could be a result of their use, the Food and Drug Administration will issue a recall. In addition to the two types of drug recalls that can be issued, which include Class I and Class II Recalls, the Food and Drug Administration also issues safety alerts, notices and warnings. They also have the ability to implement labeling changes for certain drugs that may pose an inherent risk.

For more information regarding recalled drugs/medications go to including the most recent safety alerts, notices and warnings.

Studies reveal that since 1993, there have been over 1,000 deaths which can be linked to pharmaceutical drugs. It is also a widely reported fact that over 20 million people have at one time taken a drug that was eventually recalled. Recalled drugs have been known to cause birth defects, heart attacks, strokes, deadly breathing problems, death, and other potentially dangerous effects. While drugs do undergo lengthy testing procedures and resting phases before being approved for public use, it sometimes is not apparent just what the effects will be until a large, diverse group of people have begun to use the drug. Sometimes, at this point it is too late, as they drug may have been responsible for someone's death.

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